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Hi, my name is Corrisa.

First of all, let me give you a warm big welcome. I started this site because like a lot of people I found information regarding travel clubs, timeshares, and other travel info on Global Resorts Network on the web a little confusing and sometimes misleading.

But first, watch the video below….



Ever since a trip to Las Vegas a few years ago, I’ve been on a mission to find a solution to one of the biggest issue if not the biggest issue I had when I was booking my Vegas getaway…where to stay.

The hotel room I got was just ok. I knew there were better options out there and I vowed to find them. You see, I want a true vacation like experience, not just a place to lay my head. I wanted on-site amenities that my entire family could enjoy. Isn’t that what a vacation is supposed to be about?

Well, only recently was I able to look closer at timeshares but I didn’t like the high costs and the long-term commitment so I looked closer at travel clubs. I was able to come across one solution called Global Resorts Network.

After hearing of others speak of their amazing vacations they with Global Resorts Network, I decided to start up this site to educate other travelers on what they can expect from this travel club. Also I wanted people to understand how they can timeshare resorts without buying into one, which is the beauty of a Global Resorts Network membership.

Most importantly, I want people to get a full understanding of how travel clubs work so they don’t fall victim to the many travel scams out there that absolutely do nothing to save you money or get you access to hard to book resorts…and yes there many out there!

If you reached the home page of my site, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to know from the areas below:

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My Global Resorts Network Review

I took a lot of time to write up what I believe is a complete Global Resorts Network review. It covers all aspects of how it works to save you money on your vacations plus I talk about how it can get you exclusive access to resorts that you wouldn’t necessarily get by booking through travel search engine sites like Priceline.

I discuss the most direct route to get a Global Resorts Network membership with a three-day money back guarantee at the same time. You can read it here – Global Resorts Network Review.

Where To Buy (Discounts, Special Offers and More)

Getting a Global Resorts Network membership is relatively easy online, however, if you have questions about the membership it is surprisingly a little difficult to get in touch with a real person to get your questions answered.

You can check out the “join Global Resorts Network” page to find out how all the info you need on joining and how to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Important Notice – Regarding Special Offers

One thing I like to do is keep tabs on special offers and promotions as they come out. Since the Global Resorts Network membership is just a great price ordinarily such offers don’t come around too often. With that said what does and can happen are price increases. I don’t think the low membership rates will last for very long…

WARNING: For practical reasons, I recommend you only buy from the Official Global Resorts Network listed on this website. Buying from anywhere else is a bad idea as you’re not likely be able to get in contact with a real person before buying in case you have questions you want answered.

Another advantage is that I also give you a special code so you can have exclusive access to look up information on resorts anytime at your convenience.

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